Giving Up Caffeine: Just How Terrible Is It?


It has been two weeks since I wrote about the connection between caffeine and reduced fertility.

I decided that day that I needed to completely give up caffeine.

Although the the March of Dimes says it’s safe to drink 12 ounces of coffee each day while trying to conceive, I knew that once I was pregnant, I’d need to give it up anyway, as I will always wonder if my miscarriage was a result of the one cup of coffee I had each day.

My initial thought was to give it up cold turkey. I tweeted my decision, hoping to have my friends tell me it would be a piece of cake. Instead, they said I had to wean myself…that cold turkey was the worst plan…that if I gave it up all at once, they would hide from me.

So, I took their advice and cut back to a cup and a half for a couple of days and then one cup for a week, and now I’m at a half a cup.

Tomorrow, I’ll finally cut that out and be completely caffeine free.

I will say that in some ways, it hasn’t been that bad. The headaches have been pretty manageable, which I attribute to tons of water. I truly believe this is what kept them from raging out of control.

In some ways, it has been so tough. I love ritual. I love routine. I miss having that cup of coffee at my side. I truly do.

The upside, aside from any potential benefits to my fertility, has been that I don’t feel the lethargy that I used to feel in the afternoon. Without all of that caffeine, there’s no crash.

And that is lovely.