Glucose Test, Here I Come!


jelly beans

This afternoon I’m off to the OB for a checkup and the dreaded one hour glucose challenge.

No, this is not a part of prenatal care that I enjoy. I think that super sweet drink tastes terrible and the last time I drank it I got super nauseous and almost vomited. Thankfully, my past tests have always come back in the normal range so I’ve never had to return for the three hour challenge.

But this year I’m actually a bit worried. Why, you ask? Because of a little holiday called Easter and my moronic idea to schedule the test for the day after my house was flooded with jelly beans, lollipops, and chocolate. Gah!!! I couldn’t resist sampling the yummies yesterday. But by late afternoon it occurred to me that this might mess with my test results in a big way.

I posted about what an idiot I am on my Facebook page and I was surprised to get a few responses from people saying they heard it’s actually a good idea to binge on carbs the day or two before the test. And one person told me that taking a shot of vinegar lowers blood sugar spikes. I didn’t know who to believe so I ate five jelly beans and four pickles last night before bed. That should cover me, right?

Did you fail your pregnancy glucose test?

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