Golden Globes 2011, Maternity Edition: Natalie Portman, Jane Krakowski Rock The Red Carpet


natalie portman golden globes red carpetNatalie Portman just made her Golden Globes red carpet appearance and I have to say I was damn impressed.  warm pink strapless satin gown, draped at the cleavage and anchored with a glittering beaded red rose.

Portman’s dress is by Viktor and Rolf, a rather edgy design design duo from Amsterdam. (Always nice to see an “indie” choice on the red carpet!)

When I was a kid, my favorite fairy tale was “Snow White and Rose Red”, and Natalie’s red carpet look managed to roll both of those Grimm Brothers’ princesses into one ivory-skinned, red lipped, rose colored fashion fantasy. The red beaded rose and pink satin had a chinoiserie feeling too. It’s not easy to know how to work a red carpet with a belly, and this was a pretty awesome solution.

Get a full length view of Natalie Portman’s dress—and a glimpse of Jane Krakowski’s pregnant pewter goddess on the red carpet look— after the jump.

Natalie Portman red carpet golden globes 2011

Krakowski’s take was very different, but like Portman, she was working the whole fertility goddess drape thing, albeit in a more traditional way. Her metallic palette gave the whole look a kind of old Hollywood feeling…though the bump is a decidedly modern update. I can’t imagine an actual Golden Age starlet appearing on the red carpet without being so shrouded in fabric you might question whether she had a body under all that yardage…much less a baby!

jane krakowski red carpet golden globes 2011 pregnant