Good News and Bad News: Infertility Journey


Well, I have some bad news, but I also have some great news.

I’m not sure which to give you first, so I’ll just dive in.

What happens when you take a break from the craziness of trying to conceive?

When you don’t temp religiously, chart, or use ovulation predictor kits?

What happens when you don’t have sex on a perfectly-timed and insane schedule?

When you make a commitment to eliminating excess stress from your life?

When you spend time nurturing your marriage and being grateful for all you already have?

What happens when you refocus your life and getting pregnant is no longer the thing that influences everything else?

When you relax and try to find the joy in each and every day?

Well, you don’t get pregnant, that’s what.

You don’t get to jump up and down in excitement that you are suddenly pregnant, simply because you relaxed.

But, what you do get is a healthier mindset, a reduced stress level, an appreciation for the joy already present in your life, and a healthier, more nurtured marriage.

So, the month off was completely worth it.

I also have some great news…some pretty amazing news that’s helping to take the edge off the disappointment.

Come on over to in these small moments to hear all about it!