Got Milk At The Super Bowl?


Even the littlest football fans will be able to get their favorite snack in the Super Bowl Village in downtown Indianapolis this weekend thanks to a lactation room set up for nursing and pumping moms.

The Super Bowl Village has been been a fun, football themed attraction since January 27, with games, food, and all things Super Bowl for fans looking to get into the spirit of the game. And for the first time ever, there’s a designated nursing room on site. The Indiana Perinatal Network teamed up with the MESH Health services when they were planning the on-site clinic and arranged a nursing room for moms.

The small room is equipped with comfy chairs, a medical grade pump and a lactation consultant on staff. No fridge to store expressed milk but there are tvs in the clinic for the really dedicated fan to keep up with the score!

The Village is outside the stadium so moms attending the game won’t be able to dart out at halftime and pump, since there’s no stadium re-entry.  Maybe next year the NFL will realize that a nursing station inside stadiums will make football more mom-friendly all season long!

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