Got Vitamin D?


A new study has shown that vitamin D deficiency is highly correlated with gestational diabetes risk.  Not good news for pregnant women, especially given that almost half the women in this study were deficient!

In fact, vitamin D deficiency in pregnancy is actually correlated with many different problems that pregnant women experience, both for themselves and for their babies (including asthma and diabetes!).

Are you getting enough?

With more and more studies coming out all the time about the miracles of vitamin D, it’s crucial that pregnant women in particular are getting enough.  But there’s a lot that many don’t know about vitamin D.  What’s the best source?  Can you get too much?  How do you make sure you’re actually reaping the benefits?

Today, I’m answering all those questions — and more — over at Modern Alternative Mama.  Don’t miss it: Monday Health&Wellness: Vitamin D!

Top image by lrargerich