Halloween Costume Hell

photo credit : B

I never thought I would have such a hard time looking for a Halloween Costume, but this seems to be the year that is going to send me over the edge.  My clothes just fit right now, and I am starting to show more and more daily. I am 12 weeks as of yesterday, and come Halloween I will be 13 weeks.

So what is the problem?  Well, going to the mall, and Halloween Costume stores, I cannot find anything I would or even could wear. Most of the costumes for women being sold are short, skimpy, not warm by any means, and I would never fit into them with this growing gut.

But everyone says why don’t I just paint my belly?  Because there isn’t enough belly to paint!  I did it with my oldest son, and looking back I wish I had taken a picture of it. Come October, I was less than two months.

The next problem? Sure I could get one of those huge, elaborate, long costumes that the celebrities are picking out to wear with their children, but why would I pay nearly a hundred dollars for something I am going to wear for 2-3 hours once?  It seems like such a waste of money.

It makes me be resentful of Halloween this year. It is one of my favorite Holidays and I haven’t missed dressing up for years. Everything from The Tooth Fairy, to Columbia from The Rocky Horror Picture Show. Costumes have always been my strong point which is why this is getting to me enough to actually write a whole post about it! Haha!

If you are pregnant, and still on the small side, what are you dressing up like for Halloween?