Have I Learned Nothing?!


hope I have a question for anyone infertile or not, how do you balance hope with reality? This is one of those things I’ve yet to figure out. While I don’t want to give up hope that we’ll ever conceive, I’m hit daily with the reality that it will never be easy. Yet, when another friend announces their pregnancy I ALWAYS think, “Oh, our babies will be close in age!” I thought this after my sister-in-law announced her pregnancy and her daughter is almost a year old. I thought this last week when a friend told me they were trying to get pregnant. Why can’t I stop? Wait, I can answer that.

Because I so desperately want it to be true. Because for some hokey reason I kind of believe if I think it, maybe it will happen. This may be the same reasoning I use when I blow out my birthday candles and actually think my wish is going to come true.

While I definitely don’t advise against thinking positive thoughts, I think there’s a definite line between constructive positive thinking and just throwing reality out the window. So how do you define that line and stop setting yourself up for feelings of failure and disappointment?

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