He Can't Say No! It's in my Birth Plan!

photo: masterfile

I have started to put a lot of thought into my birth plan. Knowing I am going to be going in for a scheduled cesarean at a certain time on a specific day does freak me out.

In trying to come up with ways to make the experience as a whole much more pleasant and acceptable to me, I came to the conclusion I need an iPod. I had one for years which my children murdered in the past year. It was older, and on its last leg either way, but now I find it even more important to purchase.

A relaxing playlist, or music I find comforting is something I am going to need when it comes time for the surgery, and recovery. The beeps, pings, and sounds of all the machines give me major anxiety and I need something to help block it all out when the time comes.

Heck just thinking about it all is giving me crappy anxiety.

But now comes the mission impossible part. Convincing my husband it is a necessity, and that I can’t live without it, well for the birth of course. Sure, it will come in handy in day-to-day life, and in my car which is missing a CD Player… I seriously didn’t even know a car made after 2000 could come stock without one!!

I just figure, if I write it into my birth plan, he can’t say no… right?