Heading to the Midwives Again - The Every Two Weeks Phase

My midwife, Gail. Photo courtesy of

Now that I’m nearing the end of my pregnancy I will be seeing my midwife a lot more. Every two weeks. This is the part of the pregnancy when I question choosing a practice so far away (we drive 2 hours to the birth center for prenatal check ups).

Until another friend has a baby locally and is given Cytotec (not labeled for use in pregnant women and indicated in uterine ruptures), or induced “Because your baby is too big for your uterus and could make it explode” (an actual quote from a local doctor to a friend who, at 37 weeks, was induced and birthed a 5 lb baby) or the local OB the other direction comments about how he prefers single mothers because “they are so much easier to consent” (again – an actual quote from a local doctor who’s surgical birth rate is over 75%).

Then I remember – I am being proactive about my health. I want a health care provider who calls me on the phone with negative test results and spends 45 minutes helping me create a plan of action. I remember that I interviewed 3 doctors and 4 midwives before making a final decision. I remember that the practice my midwives’ run is amazing – with some brilliant women who are highly skilled AND spend time with their patients. Real. Time.

I’ve been to the local hospitals several time and unfortunately in this area there’s not a whole lot of that time and respect to be found. So we’ll bundle up the kids, pair the trip to the midwives with a trip to the Science Museum, and make a fun, educational day of it. Because my health is worth it. Having a health care provider spend 45-60 minutes giving me personalized care when a problem crops up is totally worth it.

Do you have to drive to find the health care provider you feel comfortable with? Did you interview multiple health care providers before selecting one?