Hello There!


alyson brown photobooth

Hi there!  My name is Alyson Brown and I’m very excited to join the crew of great bloggers here at Babble’s Being Pregnant!  I’m a graphic designer and soon-to-be-mom living in Portland, Oregon with my husband Levi and two bad cats, Moose and Chuck.  In addition to Babble, I also write daily on my lifestyle blog, Unruly Things, as well as it’s newest spin off, Unruly Little Things, which is where I’ve been documenting my experiences and findings along the way to becoming a mom.

I’m due May 16th with our first baby and it’s a boy!  Along with finding plenty of cute baby things I’ve learned quite a bit during my pregnancy.  More about my body and babies than I ever knew before!  It’s been such a fun journey and I’m excited to share the last bits of it with you.  Here’s the first peek we got at our adorable little man, high-fiving us from the womb!

alyson brown baby

Hope you have a nice weekend, I’ll be back next week!