Her Hand in Mine: A Letter to Those Pregnant with Their First Baby


Some words for those of you who are preparing to have your first baby…

I watched her on the stage, her eyes sparkling with joy.

We know that we’ll love our babies and we are aware that our lives will change.

She twirled and I couldn’t remember life before her.

But, I promise you, your joys will be so much greater than you can even begin to imagine.

I watched her chassé across the stage, and I knew that before her, I could have never imagined a love like this.

You will never feel more vulnerable, more loved, more blissful.

She scampered across the stage, pink ballet slippers barely touching the floor.

There will be days that are hard, times when being a parent truly exhausts you, but those days will pass…they will fade.

She exited the stage and ran to me, beaming with pride.

Because the moments of joy that you will feel…the pride, the love, will outshine them by far.

I gathered her four-year-old body up and through my tears, whispered words of love into her ear, then placed her back on her feet and held her hand in mine.

All of this joy lies ahead of you and I’m so happy that you’ll get to experience it.