Hi and Hello


Hi! I’m Ali Smith, now blogging with the “Being Pregnant” crew from Richmond, Virginia, with baby number two in utero. Hooray! In another life, I worked as a lifestyle, fashion and food writer/editor for a handful of magazines and newspapers. And naturally, I blogged like a crazy woman at Ali Loves Curtis by night.

All of that changed when my husband and I quit our jobs, moved across the country and became first-time parents on a graduate school budget in one of the country’s most expensive cities. But if short on time and funds, we were a happy new trio, maybe especially because we had to wait a few years for our first baby to make his appearance.

In the post-baby love fest (and after meeting its counterpart: guilt), I found it difficult to handle the work/life balance, and still do. I’m inspired by women who manage to balance multiple roles, and also by women who can focus on being good at one thing. I’m still figuring out how to be a great mom–the one thing I care about most–and still squeeze in my other loves. This challenge is a little more complicated since I currently walk around the house gagging all day, or have to spend the afternoon like a munchy slug on the couch to prevent said gagging. (Anybody need a granola bar?)

When I find something I like, I still share it from time to time at Ali Loves Curtis. I love my two-year-old Oscar, too. I’m thrilled to be here, bringing together two of my favorite things: writing and pregnancy. (Remind me I said that when month eight rolls around and I get that pinched nerve again.) New baby is due in December, and I think I felt my first little kicks today. Let the countdown–and the wild rumpus–begin!

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