High Blood Sugar in Pregnancy May Lead to Type 2 Diabetes


As if you needed another reason to feel guilty about that ice cream cone.

A new study suggests that your blood sugar level during pregnancy may be a trigger for your future child’s diabetes.

Children of mothers with high blood sugar in pregnancy were tested before puberty. Results showed that children whose mothers had high glucose levels during pregnancy had changes in insulin processing that may lead to diabetes.

Around 4% of pregnant women are diagnosed with gestational diabetes with clinically high blood sugar levels during pregnancy.  This condition is always one to take seriously because of potential complications if left uncontrolled. But this study is the first to show that pregnancy blood sugar levels may actually have an affect on your child’s own blood sugar processing later in life.

More longitudinal research will need to be done to explore the suggested tie between prenatal glucose levels and type 2 diabetes in the child. Little is known about how to prevent gestational diabetes. Some suggest that proactive healthy eating and exercise can make gestational diabetes, and, potentially, future type 2 diabetes, less likely.

photo: Alden Chadwick/flickr