Hilarious Pregnancy Announcement From a 3 Year-old


Fullscreen capture 5282013 15137 PMI saw this pregnancy announcement over at The Huffington Post and it made me snarf on my coffee. Seriously, so cute.

Obviously part of what’s funny about this video is that this adorable little girl with perfect ringlets says the word ‘vagina’, which isn’t a word a lot of toddlers toss around at the table. But what really made me laugh is that she is so unperturbed by the idea of childbirth. She is smiling and calm barely pauses her eating to offer up her explanation.

Is this how most 3 year-olds react? When I explained how our baby is being born to my kids my 3 year-old was all, “Yeah, OK. Can I go watch TV now?” while my 5 year-old looked mystified, then confused, and then asked a lot of questions and is *still* dubious about the entire process.

How did your kids react when you told them you were having another baby?

Source: The Huffington Post


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