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Hilarious Thanksgiving Maternity Tees You Can Wear To Grandma's House

Is that turkey wearing Juicy Couture? I believe he is!

I never get tired of checking out all the funny maternity tees cafepress.com offers on their site.

I don’t know who comes up with that stuff, but I guess giant pregnant lady plus eating a crapload of food on Thanksgiving pretty much writes itself.

So stop worrying about what you’re going to wear when you head over to the relatives’ house for Thanksgiving, just order one of these bad boys and pair it with your best pair of stretchy fat pants and you, my friend, are good to go.

And you better be heading somewhere else for Thanksgiving.  Pregnant women are not allowed to cook on Thanksgiving.  Your only job is to eat!  That’s it!  Eat and nap and eat some more and then take another nap.  It’s in the Pregnant Woman Rule book!

Being Pregnant’s Devan McGuinness wrote about Thanksgiving maternity tees last month because she’s Canadian and they celebrate turkey day in October.  But I thought I’d showcase 25 really funny maternity tees now, in preparation for the American Thanksgiving.  The one day when all Americans will likely feel pregnant. Hell, order a maternity tee for your husband as well.  He’ll appreciate it come turkey time.

Click here to see 25 laugh out loud maternity tees!

  • No I Did Not Steal The Turkey 1 of 25
    No I Did Not Steal The Turkey

    For the 9 months pregnant woman!
    Purchase now on cafepress.com

  • Lil’ Gobbler In The Oven 2 of 25
    Lil' Gobbler In The Oven

    A take off of the ol "bun in the oven".

    Purchase now on cafepress.com

  • Plump Breasts, Juicy Thighs 3 of 25
    Plump Breasts, Juicy Thighs

    The hallmark of most pregnant women.

    Purchase now on cafepress.com

  • I Came For The Pie 4 of 25
    I Came For The Pie

    The one time you can probably get away with eating an entire pie yourself.
    Purchase now on cafepress.com

  • Go Pluck Yourself 5 of 25
    Go Pluck Yourself

    I don't know about you but these are generally my sentiments when spending the holiday with relatives.

    Purchase now on cafepress.com

  • turkey-06 6 of 25

    Purchase now on cafepress.com

  • This Turkey’s Almost Done 7 of 25
    This Turkey's Almost Done

    Stick a fork in me, I'm done!
    Purchase now on cafepress.com

  • Oh Snap! 8 of 25
    Oh Snap!

    This one cracks me up every time.

    Purchase now on cafepress.com

  • Eating For 2 9 of 25
    Eating For 2

    Look Grandma, I don't care what the doctor says about portions, hand over the mashed potatoes and MAKE IT SNAPPY.
    Purchase now on cafepress.com

  • When The Belly Button Pops It’s Done 10 of 25
    When The Belly Button Pops It's Done

    Except I can't see my belly button, so let me know when it happens, wouldja?
    Purchase now on cafepress.com

  • Pumpkin Smuggler 11 of 25
    Pumpkin Smuggler

    This one works for Halloween as well!
    Purchase now on cafepress.com

  • I Swallowed A Pumpkin Seed 12 of 25
    I Swallowed A Pumpkin Seed

    I think this growing pumpkin is ready to be picked...
    Purchase now on cafepress.com

  • Turkey Hand 13 of 25
    Turkey Hand

    I actually think this one would be better if that turkey hand was baby-sized. Hey! Look at me! Designing maternity tees.
    Purchase now on cafepress.com

  • Almost Done 14 of 25
    Almost Done

    Still cooking.
    Purchase now on cafepress.com

  • Eating For 3 15 of 25
    Eating For 3

    For the woman carrying twins.
    Purchase now on cafepress.com

  • Black Friday Shopping Team 16 of 25
    Black Friday Shopping Team

    You'd have to be insane to mess with a pregnant woman on Black Friday. Adrenaline + hormones = deadly outcome.
    Purchase now on cafepress.com

  • Pump Up Da Baste! 17 of 25
    Pump Up Da Baste!

    This one is another favorite of mine, fo sho.
    Purchase now on cafepress.com

  • It’s All About The Jiggle 18 of 25
    It's All About The Jiggle

    Booty be shakin' like a can of cranberry sauce.
    Purchase now on cafepress.com

  • Get Me Out 19 of 25
    Get Me Out

    Wouldn't it be great if you were wearing this and your water broke?
    Purchase now on cafepress.com

  • Stuff Me? Stuff You! 20 of 25
    Stuff Me?  Stuff You!

    I'm already stuffed. With a SEVEN POUND BABY.
    Purchase now on cafepress.com

  • Turkey Claw 21 of 25
    Turkey Claw

    Is that what they're called, claws? Talons?
    Purchase now on cafepress.com

  • Stuffed 22 of 25

    A pregnant woman after a Thanksgiving meal brings new meaning to "stuffed".
    Purchase now on cafepress.com

  • Don’t You Wish Your Turkey Was Hot Like Me? 23 of 25
    Don't You Wish Your Turkey Was Hot Like Me?

    Shake that tail feather, birdy.
    Purchase now on cafepress.com

  • My Milkshake Brings All The Boys To The Yard 24 of 25
    My Milkshake Brings All The Boys To The Yard

    Soon your milkshake will bring all the babies to the boob. Or just the one baby, anyway.
    Purchase now on cafepress.com

  • Daddy’s Lil Gobbler 25 of 25
    Daddy's Lil Gobbler

    Awwww... Baby's first Thanksgiving. Kind of.
    Purchase now on cafepress.com


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