Hilary Duff 7 Weeks Pregnant, Says Star Magazine


hilary duffFormer teen idol Hilary Duff is supposedly pregnant, according to Star Magazine. Hilary has been married to NHL Hockey star Mike Comrie (he plays for the Pittsburgh Penguins) since last August.  A baby was apparently not planned (at least not yet),  but the couple are reportedly “ecstatic” at their surprise pregnancy. “They weren’t actively trying to conceive but agreed that if it happened, it happened,” her close friend tells Star.

I wonder if they’re quite so thrilled about it being outed so early. Seven weeks? That’s hardly enough time for the two of them to digest the information on their own, much less deal with the rest of the world knowing about it.

How does this kind of info get leaked to the celebrity papers so quickly? Let’s explore some options.

1. Hilary’s so-called close friend may be more of a frenemy, or a casual acquaintance who cared more about the rush of seeing her story in print than Hilary’s privacy.

2. Someone went rooting through Hilary’s trash and found a pregnancy test.

3. One of the employees at Hilary’s OB-GYN has a big mouth.

4. Star Magazine made this up, and Hilary isn’t actually pregnant.

Any other ideas?

Read Star’s story here.

Photo: Pacific Coast News