How Did You Break the News to Your Spouse?


maternity photo shoot When we first started trying for baby and I was under the impression that it would take a few months max (so naive) I started thinking of the fun things that come with expecting – clever ways to announce the news, the cute clothes I would buy, the nursery and or course how I would tell my husband. I can’t remember exactly what my plan was but it was something cutesy like wrapping a little baby onesie or showing up with a balloon at his work. Then we got into the thick of things and any of those thoughts and plans were left by the wayside while we worried about much larger things.

While I had always pictured that breaking the news to my husband would be photo shoot worthy, this is how it actually went down.

I took the test after I had rolled out of bed and then came out of the bathroom in a hysteric cry and muttered between sobs that I was pregnant. While my husband was excited, he was more concerned about calming me down since I was such a mess. Attractive, I know. But I wouldn’t trade it for my original cutesy idea. It was real and something I will always remember, not just a contrived plan.

So I’m curious, how did you break the news your spouse? I would love to hear some funny stories.

image: Elizabeth Halford