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How Did You Break the News to Your Spouse?

By Melanie Blodgett |

maternity photo shoot When we first started trying for baby and I was under the impression that it would take a few months max (so naive) I started thinking of the fun things that come with expecting – clever ways to announce the news, the cute clothes I would buy, the nursery and or course how I would tell my husband. I can’t remember exactly what my plan was but it was something cutesy like wrapping a little baby onesie or showing up with a balloon at his work. Then we got into the thick of things and any of those thoughts and plans were left by the wayside while we worried about much larger things.

While I had always pictured that breaking the news to my husband would be photo shoot worthy, this is how it actually went down.

I took the test after I had rolled out of bed and then came out of the bathroom in a hysteric cry and muttered between sobs that I was pregnant. While my husband was excited, he was more concerned about calming me down since I was such a mess. Attractive, I know. But I wouldn’t trade it for my original cutesy idea. It was real and something I will always remember, not just a contrived plan.

So I’m curious, how did you break the news your spouse? I would love to hear some funny stories.

image: Elizabeth Halford

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0 thoughts on “How Did You Break the News to Your Spouse?

  1. Lana says:

    I did the same as you waking up and coming out the bathroom crying he was so happy I wouldn’t change it for anything :)

  2. Emily says:

    sounds like me! except he was with me when I took the test. But there were definitely lots of tears involved :) good ones, but also scared ones. It’s a big moment!

  3. Amanda says:

    we had been trying/not trying with our first and so many times prior I was convinced I was pregnant so I would take the test in the morning before my husband went to work and make him wait for the results. The time that I actually turned out to be pregnant I was sure I wasn’t and really didn’t want to bother getting out of bed to take the test so my husband went off to work. Murphy’s Law, I was and couldn’t wait to reveal the news and called him on his cell phone crying my eyes out. This time around we were very much trying and the month it finally worked, I was positive I was and so anxious about taking the test. I made my husband go out and get a test a day earlier than I should have in the evening and took it while he played with our son in the family room. There were two very faint lines but I knew they were supposed to be dark pink, so I came out screaming that we were! Thank goodness I was right and didn’t have to take my statement back!

  4. erniebufflo says:

    After two years of trying, we had given up on trying, resolving to let me finish grad school and then see a doctor. So when my period was a few days late, and I was feeling kind of generally lousy, I told my husband I was feeling like I was getting sick, and also how weird it was that my usually on-time period was late. By day 4, he told me I should get a pregnancy test. The next morning, he got up early for a bike ride, and I took the test as soon as I got up, a couple of hours later. I had just gotten that shocking positive result when he came in the front door, so I came out of the bathroom. He could tell by my face that something was up. “I’m pregnant!” I said, mostly in disbelief. I made him go look at the pregnancy test. Super photoshoot worthy.

  5. Mary B. says:

    I took the test first thing in the morning, and then crawled back into bed to tell my husband (while half-laughing and half-crying). I had originally planned for some cute reveal, but once that test came back positive there was no way I would have been able to keep my mouth shut.

  6. Kim Q says:

    I told my daughter (three years old) who could not keep a secret to save her life. Of course, I told her that I had a secret for her. She immediately ran to tell daddy that mommy had a teeny tiny baby in her tummy. :o ) My husband looked more than a little shocked. We had only been “not preventing” for a few weeks!

    With my first, I left the test on the counter in the bathroom and told him to go into the bathroom. He was expecting a bug of some sort. Not quite! :o )

  7. Kathleen Ojo says:

    I was over a week late and hadn’t tested yet, and was filled with all these cutesy thoughts about the creative way I would tell my husband. I was seriously in fantasy land and so excited to tell him… but then, we got into an argument that night and I blurted it out in such a horrible way! Something like, “Well, I’m a week late, so F you!” It ended that argument real quick! I ended up not being pregnant though, so I’m very relieved that I get a “do-over.”

  8. Nadia says:

    I texted my hubby and told him that I had something important to tell him when he got home. He looked all concerned when he walked through the door. I pulled him into my arms and said, “I’m pregnant!” He looked at me and smiled and said, “Really?” It was such a sweet moment for us. Nothing cutesy or anything. But it was a moment I will treasure forever.

  9. Danielle says:

    After I took a zillion tests to be sure, I presented my husband with a baby bib that read “If you think I’m cute you should see my dad!”. He stared and stared at it without really registering what was going on. I finally had to whip out the test for him to get it. Once he understood what it meant he was over the moon.

  10. Alicia says:

    I am not pregnant nor will ever be, but we were there when my SIL revealed to her husband that she was having twins. We had her little girl in a shirt that said “It’s Twins!” with the Thompson Twins playing in the background (there last name is Thompson) and we filmed his reaction. She had to bring out the u/s pics because he didn’t believe her.

  11. Casey says:

    So the only time I really got to tell my husband was with our third child. My first was with my ex husband and a surprise teen pregnancy (needless to say that wasn’t one of my finer moments, but I love her whole heartedly and wouldn’t trade her for the world. In a way we grew up together) My second, hubs was beginning a deployment and it was just an email that said “hey guess what!?” because I never knew when I would actually talk to him and he had to be the first to know.
    But for our third, we were finally all together as a happy family. A six year old, two year old and the two of us. I had been feeling cruddy and our six year old (which he adopted just FYI and loves her as if her as if she were his own) had a doctor’s appointment. I came home from work, planning on resting, and he was going to pick our son up from daycare on his way back from the doctor. Just on a whim I got out a pregnancy test that I had in the cabinet from about a year ago when I had missed getting my birthcontrol for like a week. And what do you know it was positive. A week earlier we had been talking about having another, but wanted to wait another year or so before trying. My head was spinning, I had no idea how he was going to react or what to even say.
    So I took a picture of the test and sent it to his phone. That was all I could come up with. About two minutes later I got a call from him “You’re kidding me?” was his response.
    “No, but at least we know why I have been feeling so sick at my stomach”
    We said our I love you’s and he told me we would talk when he got home, he didn’t want our daughter to over hear until we were sure and could tell her together.
    So after the kids went to bed, he sat on the stairs with me that night for about 30 minutes while I cried. It was a combination of happiness and scared. Neither one of us knew what to do on our own. Before we had our families, but being military we were away from everything we knew. I hadn’t felt like that since I was 17 and found out I was pregnant. Happy and scared to death.
    Now he is a year old and we thank God every day for giving him to us, I guess he knew what time was better than we did!

  12. Tammy Malf says:

    I had gone to the doctor for bronchitis. Before he could give me the meds, he had to make sure I wasn’t pregnant. Well, I hadn’t missed a period and although I was sexually active, we had always used protection so it wasn’t a concern of mine. However, the doc came back and told me I was unable to take the super drugs because I was pregnant. I almost fainted! After I composed myself, (I was alone…my hubby was at home), I went to the store, purchased a gift bag with a child’s hand in a man’s hand and all purchased the book What to expect when you’re expecting. I went straight home and handed him the gift bag. He looked at and didn’t understand. I told him to sit down (I was afraid my 6’2″ 300lb man was gonna pass out) and said to pull out the gift. He still didn’t understand. Thought I was joking. It took a bit to settle in his mind and didn’t really stick until a week later when I was taken by ambulance to the ER because I was in so much pain. First ultrasound was that day. I was exactly 6 weeks and we saw the heart. We now have a happy 10mo baby girl (and another on the way!)

  13. Lauren says:

    So, we’d been trying to get pregnant for two years… and I rolled out of bed one morning and took a test, totally expecting it to be negative. Well, it was positive and I was in complete shock. I had thought through this scenario so many times before, I wanted my big reveal to the husband to be epic… but, well.. my mind went blank and all I could think of was to just show him the test. So I woke him up (after he’d worked a graveyard shift) and showed him the test… well he rolled over on his back and said something to the effect of “have at it”. Ha ha.. he was half asleep and had thought that I was showing him my ovulation detector stick (as in, “I’m ovulating, let’s make a baby!!”). He sobered up pretty quick once I explained what was actually going on.

  14. Tricia says:

    Never been pregnant, not planning on it anytime soon. But a friend of mine’s husband told her when she got pregnant he was just going to bubblewrap her to keep her safe. So she bought a thing of bubblewrap with a note that said I guess we’ll need more of this. And that’s how he found out he was going to be a dad.

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