How Involved Is Your Partner In Your Pregnancy?


pregnancyMy husband was, of course, the first person to know that I was pregnant. I remember walking back to the bedroom with pee-stick in hand and a shocked look on my face. We had been trying to get pregnant for over a year and I was pretty resigned to the fact that it might not happen again for us. And there it was, tiny and light, but that second line was there. My husband was shouting his excitement, while I sat there—shocked.

During my past pregnancies, my husband has been so great to me. I’ve written before about the ways my husband has supported me during pregnancy, and this one is turning out to be no different.

This pregnancy has not been easy on me and as my urologist suggested, it likely won’t be easy for the entire duration. I am happy to take on anything that means I get to add this much wanted baby into our family. Since I’m dealing with some pretty intense nausea and vomiting, low energy and constant pain from hydronephrosis, my husband has had to take on a bunch of my responsibilities when it comes to running the house. We have three children who need to keep to their routine as much as possible (I don’t want them resenting the pregnancy or the baby.) and thanks to my ultra-supportive husband, I don’t have to worry about any fall out. He’s been patient with me as since I’ve been cooking much less, he has not batted an eye at me sleeping in while he gets the kids ready before he heads off to work, and he has tucked me in when I fall asleep earlier than anticipated at 8 PM.

I am thankful for him and his hard work everyday. He never makes me feel like I’m a burden and when I try to thank him for being so amazing, he looks at me with his gorgeous eyes and says, “You’re doing all the hard work, not me.” And that’s when I fall in love all over again. Having a supportive husband during all our pregnancy struggles, our infertility, and our complicated pregnancies has made a world of difference and I can’t imagine doing all this with a partner who wasn’t as involved.

:: How involved is your partner in your pregnancy? ::

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