How Many Babies Does Facebook Make?


What would you say if I told you one new report says 25% of “hook ups” are now starting on facebook?

Well if you are anything like the birth junkie I am, you will also automatically think… Wow!  I wonder how many babies facebook is producing annually? I must admit, my oldest just may be considered a Myspace baby.  My husband and I were friends for years, and lost contact when he went into the Marines.

I mean, being stationed in another country with lack of communication doesn’t really do wonders for friendships right?  So when I saw him on Myspace a couple years later, of course I sent him a message… who wouldn’t?   Especially after a bad breakup.

We started hanging out, and the rest really was history. And I am sure facebook is facilitating the same kind of reunions, but it is also setting up some hook ups that are less than romantic. And we all know where there is sex… sometimes babies come next. Heck, some are even going on facebook to locate prostitutes… what?!  Is this the new Craigslist?

So do you know anyone with a child that is the product of social media of some type?
Facebook, Twitter, Myspace?