How Many Pillows Does it Take?

One pillow is SO not enough anymore.

So I’m to the phase in pregnancy where it takes more pillows to stay comfortable at night than I am months pregnant. At least on the nights when my husband is working overnights — when he’s there I may only need seven pillows.

I’m really only half joking. I am literally sleeping on a slight incline to prevent heart burn. Then there are the back pillows so I don’t roll over on my back and wake myself up. And the feet pillows. And the leg pillows. And the giant belly pillows. For reals.

Sidney teases me about the pillows and whether he should be jealous. Truthfully, he’s probably just grateful that he doesn’t have to put up with me rearranging him or sprawling all over him in the middle of the night. One month left and I’ll be back to a more sane bed setting.

How many pillows did you use during your pregnancy? Did you add more as your pregnancy progressed? I remember sleeping with just one pillow. *sigh*