How Much Do You Tell?


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You’ve come to the realization that you are indeed infertile and you’re ready to be more open about it (the time table on this definitely varies from couple to couple). So, who do you tell and how much do you say? Does the guy at the checkout line really need to know you just got a positive LH surge that morning?

I read about a couple who had a system of separating people into three levels based on how much they wanted to tell them. This is how they did it.

Level One: People who you share most everything with. Things like reports after doctor’s visits, the date of your treatments and when the pregnancy test is negative. For me, this is pretty much just my mom and best friend.

Level Two: People who know you’re infertile but get a more general response when questions are asked. You don’t go into the full blown explanation of what day of the month you’re on and the exact details of your diagnosis. For me, that’s pretty much everybody since I’ve decided to share so openly here.

Level Three: Anybody else. If they ask when you’re going to have kids, you have a general canned response like, “Hopefully soon!”

So what do you think, is this a good system to implement?

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