How NOT To React To The News Your Lady is Pregnant


There are times where pregnancy comes as a surprise. It may have happened in a newer relationship or you and your partner had not really talked about it too much beforehand. It happens though — to a lot of us.

It can be hard, as the woman, to find a way to tell your partner the news of your expecting bundle of joy, but that’s made even harder when you don’t know how he will react. Hopefully he will embrace you in a hug, put his hand on your stomach and say, “I am so excited!”. That may not happen — but one thing I do know is there are certainly some ways you should NOT react to the news — surprise or not.

Click through to watch a hilarious video on how NOT to react to the news your partner is pregnant:

:: How did you tell your partner you were pregnant? Did they react like any of these? ::

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