Pregnancy Loss: My Friend is Pregnant and I'm Not Anymore


Going through a loss as difficult as miscarriage or stillbirth can leave you with a lot of difficult to navigate emotions. The feelings can be met with confusion as you try to work through the fog of grief that is not too understood by anyone unless they have been through this as well.

One situation for Baby Loss Mother’s that you will likely find yourself in is when your close friend or family member announces they are pregnant – and you are not anymore.

Feelings get conflicted and can be very confusing as you likely want to be happy for the good news- but you are still struggling with grief that can feel suffocating at times.

First thing you should know is that these conflicting feeling are normal. You are not a horrible friend if you think about why they are so happy right now and you have to go through this grief.

It is important to take care of yourself as well – come visit for tips on how to help yourself through this conflicting time and share your tips on how you coped with the real complicated grief trigger.

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