How to Have a Healthy Pregnancy and Baby - I Give UP!

how to have a healthy pregnancy and baby
How to have a healthy pregnancy and baby - i'm stopping the worry!

How to have a healthy baby and pregnancy is CONFUSING.

It seems each day there is a new pregnancy study on do this, don’t do that. There are new potential causes for autism.  My pre-pregnancy diet will now forever scar my child (so plan your pregnancy wisely people). Fish oil may or may not be bogus. There may or may not be a benefit to eating or digesting my placenta.

Blah. Blah. Blah.

While I don’t plan on taking up smoking and drinking – I do plan on stopping the worry over every little thing I do. I GIVE UP on the ideal healthy pregnancy and baby!

Whatever you do is your business. While this pregnancy season is coming to an end for me and my baby – I’m not worrying or stressing over these reports. I have 3 healthy children that are turning out just fine. Whatever the good Lord gives us with our 4th, we know we will love and cherish.

What Is Your Philosophy On A Having a Healthy Baby?