How to Tell Your Infertile Friends that Youre Pregnant


So, you’ve found out you’re pregnant and there’s nothing you’d rather do than tell anyone who will listen.

I’ve been there and I have so done that.

But it’s not that simple when you have a friend who struggles with infertility.

Clearly, you have to tell her, but how?

Well, there are a couple of ways you can handle it.

You can employ either plan a or plan b:

A. Announce to the world you’re pregnant without ever pulling your friend aside to soften the blow. When your friend finds out through word of mouth and sends you a note of congratulations, simply pretend you never got the note and avoid your friend completely and have zero contact with her from that point on.

Yeah, not so nice, huh?

Come on over to in these small moments and I’ll tell you about plan b…