How We Found Out About Baby #3

How we found out this little one was on his/her way...

It’s not a secret that we’ve tried for all our kids (how I wish I had been surprised at least once, honestly).  It’s not a secret that conceiving this baby took a little longer than we thought, since I was still breastfeeding my son around the clock and probably not ovulating.  For about six months.

The way we found out about the first two was very meticulous: we tried, we planned, we counted the days, and at the appropriate time, I took a test.  I wasn’t surprised at all by the result.  Excited, thrilled, out of my mind…but not surprised.

This time I wasn’t exactly surprised…since we were trying, and I knew by my fertility signs that it was finally “possible” that month.  But still, the first way we found out was not what we had expected….

Our kids knew that we were trying for a baby.  Well, our daughter did, as much as an almost 3-year-old could understand.  We talked about wanting another baby, and kept asking her if there was a baby in Mommy’s tummy.  She adamantly said no, every time.  It became this big joke (we kind of like to tease her because she gets really passionate about defending her position…lol).

Then one day, about a week before my period was due, she walked up to me.  “Mommy, there’s a baby in your tummy!”  Totally unprompted.  I asked her questions, and she absolutely insisted that there was.  She was sure.

This was a total 180 from every other time we’d discussed it and we hadn’t even asked her this time.  So this made me wonder, hmm…could she somehow know something I don’t know?

Thanksgiving weekend we traveled and I woke up feeling sick a couple times, and tired.  I tried to write it off as holiday busy-ness, but…hmm.  Different.  Or was that wishful thinking?

By Sunday night I was officially “late.”  After the kids were in bed, I ran out to the store to buy a test.  I’d promised I wouldn’t even have them in the house until there was a pretty good chance they would really be needed (i.e. when I was late).  My husband talked me into taking it immediately because “Hey, this test says you can take it 5 days before your period is due…and aren’t you late?  Get in here!”

Naturally, it confirmed what my daughter had told me: we were expecting!

It was just a really cool way to find out: my daughter telling me when she couldn’t have known!

Do you have a “unique” way that you found out you were expecting?

Article Posted 5 years Ago
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