"I Hope You Deliver Early"

Holding up my 30 week basketball

I absolutely cannot believe that I’ve made it into the third trimester of my fourth (and more than likely) final pregnancy.

Even though I’m only 31 weeks pregnant, I’ll fully admit to being large and in charge when it comes to carrying this baby. I’ve always been one of those women who waddle because it looks like they’ve smuggled a basketball under their shirt.

Today I was at the grocery store, and a lady I was standing next to looked at me and said: “Any day now?”, and I replied, “Nope, not even close. 10 more weeks.”

And then she replies: “Well, I hope for your sake, you deliver early.”

Um, come again? What did you just say? Seriously?

I mean really, would you ever hope for a stranger that they deliver their baby early? From what I gather, delivering “early” (before the 37 week mark), isn’t exactly an ideal situation. I just guess I wasn’t expecting that type of response from a complete stranger.

I’m assuming she meant well, and she didn’t really understand what she was saying, but the comment just caught me off guard.

What comments have strangers made to you that has had you thinking twice?

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