I Love Lucy - Having a Baby in 1953 Hollywood Style

I Love Lucy - Lucy Goes to the Hospital to Have Little Ricky
The humor of 1953 television, and it's portrayl of Lucy having a baby.

It was 1953. I Love Lucy, the top show on TV shows Lucy in preparation for her birth to Little Ricky. It was the 2nd time on television that having a baby was portrayed.

This I Love Lucy episode was ran the same day Lucille Ball gave birth via c-section. The episode was the most-watched of it’s time. It pulled in 71.1% of the American viewership.

This snippet of the I Love Lucy show cracks me up. You gotta love Hollywood. Check out the maternity clothes. The reaction of Ricky Ricardo, Ethel and Fred to her having a baby and needing to go to the hospital is priceless.

Watch Lucy Head to the Hospital:


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