I Take It Back, Everybody is Having Boys


photo of baby stretching A month ago I wrote a post about how every pregnant woman I knew was having a girl. I take it back, I take it all back. All eight of those women are still having girls with February and March due dates but after that, it seems to be the year of the boys.

I go to church with the same congregation every week and currently eight women are expecting close to the same time I am. Eight! And guess what? Six of them are boys the other two we’re still waiting to hear. What in the world? I guess it’s just balancing things out.

Mostly I’m excited that baby Blodgett will have so many little buddies to play with. I’m just hoping that we don’t all want to name them the same thing name.

Does/will your child have a lot of kids born close to the same time? Have you noticed waves in gender like this?

image: Stephanie Beatty