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I Will Breastfeed

By Danielle |

With all three of my children, there has never been a question in my mind whether I would breastfeed or not. Starting my children on formula at birth simply is not an option for me.

When I think about it more, I always wondered why anyone would think that breastfeeding was weird or strange. I mean… that is what our breasts were made for, and what they are intended for by nature.  So the fact that most people in my life, including my own mother never breastfed always kind of boggled my mind. That why in the back of my head that was never answered.

With my second son I was unable to breastfeed him due to medical reasons, after he was 5 weeks old, I had no choice but to wean him, and it was heartbreaking for me, but the one thing I always heard from formula feeding mothers was it was easier than breastfeeding. That certainly wasn’t the case for me by any means. With my oldest we rarely used bottles, only when we would be going to drop him off with someone, etc.   Then with my youngest my life was overcome with bottles, formula, and my dish washer. Easier my ass! It added a ton more work on top of taking care of my oldest son.

I knew this time around I would be damned if I didn’t or couldn’t breastfeed, and I started setting goals for myself. My first goal was to breastfeed till she was at least 6 months old. Then I read the story of a friend of mine, and breastfeeding mother who breastfed for 31 months, while working full time, going to school full time, and averaging 80 hour weeks. If she could do it, ANYONE could accomplish it!  

It was an amazing inspiration for me, and helped me realize that it takes more than boobs, and a baby to breastfeed, but dedication on so many levels. Which for my children, I think that I can handle.  I would give my life for my kids, so a couple extra hours here and there to pump, or make things work isn’t going to break me… my sanity maybe… but with three, three and under I am sure that isn’t something I will have for long anyway!

Since reading that, I have increased my personal goal to breastfeeding until she is a year old.
Wish me luck!


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5 thoughts on “I Will Breastfeed

  1. TheFeministBreeder says:

    Good luck! I know you can do it.

    Heck, I think having three kids would be WAY harder if I planned on formula feeding. Like you’ve said, I’ve done both, and formula was SO MUCH MORE WORK. The only possible way I can do all the stuff I’m doing is by having the 24 hour milk bar always open and always ready.

  2. Meghan says:

    both of the girls were formula fed, but Nolan was breast fed for 24 months.. I found the 6 months then 1 year.. small goal thing was not for us, we set up our goal.. our ultimate goal, we were going to breastfeed into toddler hood, I was going to breastfeed him until he was ready to stop, or if I really couldn’t stand it anymore and he was older than 2.

    right around his second birthday we were both ready to stop. I am so proud of the breastfeeding relationship we had! we did it and he is one healthy happy boy!

  3. Amanda says:

    Godd luck to you, and I hope it works out, but just because your friend could do it, doesn’t mean that ANYONE can. After dealing with kidney and liver issues brought on by the pregnancy that led to an emergency c-section, my son having trouble latching on, and postpartum anxiety, I couldn’t. But I no longer feel the least bit guilty, and I hope you don’t either if things don’t turn out perfectly.

  4. Terra says:

    Good luck! You can do it! I work out of the home about 30 hours a week and in the begining had to pump every 3 hours yet I breastfed until my daughter was 20 months. It was challenging but also SO rewarding – I honestly couldn’t imagine any other way to soothe and comfort my daughter. Nearly every time my husband would watch her and give her bottles, he’d complain that I was SO much luckier because I had the “right equipment” to soothe her.

    My goal was to reach one year, but once I hit the one year mark I found that I enjoyed breastfeeding more than ever. I think it was because I made the decision to stop pumping – my attitude was that if my supply decreased, then so what – she could drink cow’s milk instead. So from 12 to 20 months, I only nursed her in the mornings and at bedtime. Those times were the highlight of my day!

    For me personally, the more I breastfed the easier it became. I hope you feel the same!

  5. Kelli says:

    I’m the administrative assistant for the Nebraska breastfeeding coalition. We wish you the best of luck in achieving your goal. You can do it! Let us know if you need any support.

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