If Only I Could Name My Baby Without My Husband


It’s official. I’m having another girl. The only problem with this (besides my husband casually asking me if I would ever consider a third) is that I already used my girl name.

The name ‘Mazzy’ was established long before I met the man I wanted to marry, headlining the baby name list I’ve had hidden in a folder within a folder within a folder on my computer for the past fifteen years.

It was the first name I suggested to Mike when I got pregnant with our first and it was the only name he liked from that point forward.

Easiest process ever. (Besides my brief period of “baby name regret”.)

This time around, naming our baby is proving to be a bit more difficult. Every name I bring up connotes some sort of odd association for Mike. His response is usually quick and brutal, with a shake of the head that says, “There is nothing you can do to change my mind”.

Even worse, he rarely throws out any options himself.

Our conversations have gone something like this… (continue reading on Mommy Shorts)

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