If You're Feeling Defeated, Raise Your Hand


rooster from robin hoodI admit I’ve been in a major slump lately. I’ve had the song Not in Nottingham from Robin Hood in my head for days. It’s become sort of my theme.

Every town
Has its ups and down
Sometime ups
Outnumber the downs
But not in Nottingham

And you wonder why I haven’t been posting about infertility as much. Negative Nancy has taken over and I’m not sure I want to subject you to that.

Where is this post going, you ask?

Well, I started writing here because I wanted it to be a place where those dealing with infertility could go and say, “You’re right! Today sucks! Hopefully tomorrow will be better but for today I’m going to be sad and that’s okay.”

Although my posts are often upbeat, I want you to know that I go through slumps often. While I should be feeling optimistic right now since we’ll be soon going through another IUI, I’m instead terrified that it will once again not work and that we’ll have to resort to IVF. Both my husband and I are feeling rather defeated dealing with infertility and other issues in our lives right now. And I’m admitting it. Patience is hard. Life is hard.

Please know that if you’re ever feeling the same way, I’m here to listen. Like I’ve always said, we need each other.


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