I'm a Mama Bird Without a Nest

My temporary nest.

Back in July my husband and I put our little 1966 ranch on the market.  This is our first house and we’ve lived here for just over three years, but the time has come to make a move.  The only problem?  It’s October and our house is still for sale.

I’m entering my third trimester today and even though it may be a little early for it, I’m really starting to feel my nesting mode kick in.  But, since we have to keep our house staged I can’t really get started on baby’s nursery and it’s driving me crazy!  I’m feeling a bit like a mama bird without a nest.

But despite the lack of a nest, I’ve managed to find a way to satiate my nesting instinct.

Find out how after the jump!

The answer to my nesting dilemma:  BAKING!  If you knew me pre-pregnancy you would be super impressed, because I don’t bake (this is how I know the urge has to be pregnancy related).

Last Friday night I decided I needed to bake pumpkin chocolate chip muffins at 10:30 at night.  My husband was watching TV and when he noticed what I was doing his response was, “Who are you?? You don’t bake!” Well, apparently I do now, since I’ve baked three times since then.  Nesting is a strange, strange thing.  I’m hoping that eventually I’ll be able to channel it into something that’s a little more useful/a little more healthy, but for now my husband is definitely enjoying the baked goods.  He asked if I could possibly arrange to have a cinnamon roll craving sometime soon – I said, “We’ll see.”

What did you do when you’re nesting instinct kicked in?

Did it manifest in any strange ways?