I'm Dreaming… Of Christmas Dinner


If there is one thing I look forward to as an adult now, it is Christmas dinner… made by my mother. While we always have a family dinner on Sunday, Christmas dinner goes above and beyond, sometimes even rivaling Thanksgiving.

I have always called my mother Martha Stewart despite the fact that she doesn’t really care for her at all. She always comes up with some kind of snappy comeback like “I could do x, y, or z dish way better than she ever could.”  Somehow I believe her too.

But shouldn’t this be… well… pregnancy related?  Of course, what is better than 20 different food options from big main courses to appetizers. It is like a pregnant woman’s dreamland. Even better than watching Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives drooling all over my bed in the middle of the night.

After presents, and all that fun holiday type jazz, I am going to park at the table with my stretchy waist pants, and eat as much of my mothers cooking as I can get my hands on. I mean… isn’t that what the holidays are about anyways?

Ham, Potatoes, fancy veggies wrapped in bacon, my favorite salad, sweets, and trying to forget just for one day that I have been eating like a rabbit for the past 4 months in hopes to prevent a second go round with gestational diabetes like I had with my youngest son.

I am certainty going to also try and use this day to pack on a little extra weight before my midwife yells at me. Three pounds at 20 weeks gestation probably isn’t proper weight gain.