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I'm Not Buddha. Rubbing My Belly Will Not Bring You Good Luck

By Molly Thornberg |

Buddha Belly Rubs

I'm not Buddha. Don't rub my pregnant belly!

Chances are, if you’ve been pregnant with a significantly round baby belly – it’s happened to you.

A stranger touches your belly.

While I may have a Buddha like belly, I am not Buddha. Rubbing my belly will not bring you good luck, wealth, or prosperity. Next time I may just return the favor, and start rubbing the other person’s belly.

I seriously thought my friends were joking around with the stories of strangers approaching the baby belly, but can tell you – it happens! I’ve had an old lady in a grocery story give me a 2-hand rub. I’ve had a few sweet innocent friends of my kids touch and kiss my belly.  It’s one thing if someone asks, but really, if I don’t know you – stay away!

My General Rules for Belly Rubs and/or Touches:

1. If I DON’T know you, don’t even think about it.

2. If I DO know you well, and it’s a loving pat and doesn’t include the words “gee your HUGE”, go ahead.

3. If you are a child, I understand the fascination. And grace I give you, as long as you are gentle and don’t try to knock on it like it’s a door.

4. If you are my kids or husband, give the belly as much love as you’d like.

What Are Your Rules For Belly Rubs?

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Molly Thornberg

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5 thoughts on “I'm Not Buddha. Rubbing My Belly Will Not Bring You Good Luck

  1. idby says:

    i barely show at 19 weeks and i have distant relatives rubbing my belly. i don’t like it. and while they’re at it, they say “oh it’s gonna be a boy/girl”
    wow, you have magic hands and you’re able to tell the baby’s sex just by touching my belly? bravo.

  2. hannah says:

    being a socially tactless, entirely well-meaning, ‘touchy’ kind of person myself, i try to behave graciously and cheerfully towards others in that situation. Your rules are basically the same as mine, but mine are one ‘level’ closer: If I don’t know you from Adam, you had better darn ask, esp if you are male. If you are someone i see regularly during my week, ask or not feel welcome to pat. Any child gets a welcome so long as it’s gentle. (even those who make interestingly rude comments, life is funny) For me, the more obnoxious thing isn’t the touch, it’s the attitude. I can tell if you’re being delighted and respectful and rejoicing with me, or if you’re being thoughtless. What gets me is that the people most concerned with asking/giving me my space, are the very ones with whom i wouldn’t be upset in the least if they just reached out for a rub. It’s been good for me to hear the other perspective though, because I want to be just as respectful and thoughtful to others with different comfort levels, even if that means I just smile and look.

  3. tara says:

    i must have put off a ‘don’t get near me if i don’t know you’ vibe, cause i was totally prepared to rub the person’s belly back, but it never happened to me. darn, i almost wanted that awkward situation. maybe next time.

  4. Megan says:

    If I knew them well or they were a child I didn’t mind a belly rub or pat at all. But, I’m a touchy feely person. I hug people. All the time. I hug my friends when I see them . I hug my friends when I leave their house or wherever we are. The closer the friend, and the less often we see each other, the more likely I am to give them a hug, just because. However, I know not everyone is as comfortable with touching as I am. I’m constantly apologizng to one of my good friends, who’s not as touchy feely as I am after I reach out and rub her pregnant belly without asking first. She usually doesn’t mind, but I still feel bad. Complete strangers over the age of about 12 were definately a no for belly rubbing though. (except for some of the alzheimers patients in my Grandma’s nursing home, I view them as very large children in this regard)

  5. Ashley N says:

    My rule: if you didn’t put it there, you’re not MY child and you’re over the age of…say…6… DO NOT TOUCH!!! Period…you wouldn’t touch my belly if I wasn’t pregnant so WHY should my body become public property just because there is another person in there? And for goodness sake… Don’t ASK if you can touch it…that’s just awkward! Like I can REALLY say no without looking like a major B!

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