I'm Not Registering, But If I Was

I don't need this starfish towel, and yet, I do.

I’m pregnant with baby number two and though she’ll be my first girl, she isn’t my first first. As such, I won’t be registering for baby gear like I did last time around.

Back in 2008, my registry was probably one of the most practical out there. Like most new moms-to-be, I had nothing and needed everything: bottles, pumps, diapers, pacifiers, onesies, blankets, crib mattress, etc. In short: The works. I think the most extravagant item on my list was a wipes warmer.

This time, I could use a few new items but I’m already pretty well-stocked since I’ve done this thing before. And truth be told, I learned that no one really wants to buy the stuff on your registry, anyway. It’s likely you might have to get most of it yourself. (Preferably when your babe is just a few weeks old, when you can still get a discount on registry items.)

But if I was registering right now, King of Registries, Babies R Us, has a few really cute and not really necessary items I would be adding to my list … just because I could. And maybe also because I wouldn’t expect to find them at Babies R Us, in the first place.

Click through to see what I mean:

  • Vulli Sophie the Giraffe 1 of 10
    Vulli Sophie the Giraffe
    Every baby wanted to get his gums on this French-made teething toy when I was pregnant last time. I had only seen it at local boutiques, back then.
    Click here for link.
  • MiYim Organic Frog Lovie 2 of 10
    MiYim Organic Frog Lovie
    This guy just looks soft and sweet. I can't say no to him especially given his safe organic status.
    Click here for link.
  • Reed & Barton Classic Piggy Bank 3 of 10
    Reed & Barton Classic Piggy Bank
    As the name suggests, this guy's a classic, but not a true must-have.
    Click here for link.
  • Puj Tub 4 of 10
    Puj Tub
    I've always been curious about these novel fold-out tubs, now available at Babies R Us.
    Click here for link.
  • Bahama Baby Wrapable Spa Towel 5 of 10
    Bahama Baby Wrapable Spa Towel
    Anything with "spa" in the title shouldn't be deemed a necessity. But this starfish-like towel is at the top of my wish list.
    Click here for link.
  • Skip Hop Bee Lunchie 6 of 10
    Skip Hop Bee Lunchie
    I can see no way to justify this as a baby registry item. But this bee would be helpful in toddlerhood, and is on sale for $13.
    Click here for link.
  • Kate Aspen Over the Moon Bookmark Set 7 of 10
    Kate Aspen Over the Moon Bookmark Set
    The whole set isn't necessary, but it is a cute bookmark for children's books. Or, to be hung from a doorknob as decoration.
    Click here for link.
  • Skip Hop See Me Bunny Mirror 8 of 10
    Skip Hop See Me Bunny Mirror
    I just think he's cute, orange nose and all.
    Click here for link.
  • Tadpoles Sleep Gown 9 of 10
    Tadpoles Sleep Gown
    You can never have enough of these, and this one is simple and striped, as an added bonus.
    Click here for link.
  • Swaddle Designs Ultimate Receiving Blanket 10 of 10
    Swaddle Designs Ultimate Receiving Blanket
    My favorite swaddling blankets came from my mother-in-law, but I do have one of these that I love ... and I think it was bought at a high-end department store, back then.
    Click here for link.