I'm Sick of Talking About Celebrity Pregnancies

Can I rant here?

Yes? Good.

I’m sick of talking, hearing, and reading about celebrity pregnancies. Now, I’m not one of those people who “hate” all forms of celebrity gossip. I’m a self-confessed celebrity gossip junkie. In fact, my obsession was so bad that I just took a 30-day hiatus from all forms of celebrity gossip on my personal blog (here’s how a month without gossip turned out). Sure, celebrity gossip can be fun and light-hearted, but I found it was making me negative, overly focused on appearance, and hyper-critical. Ew. 

I gave up celebrity gossip for the following reasons:

  • A lot of the gossip objectifies women and encourages negative body image (“So-and-so is getting so fat! Has she had a face lift? Look at her cellulite!”)
  • It normalizes behavior like gossiping. Sure, I’ll never meet these people in real life, but I’m essentially talking behind their backs, and that’s pretty rude even if they are celebrities. The normalization of this behavior carries over to my real life, making me more likely to gossip about people I actually know
  • Much of this “news” pits women against each other and encourages them to be negatively competitive with one another
  • And — generally, the gossip focuses on who is richer, prettier, and most successful … not very life-altering or intellectual topics

Am I going back to celeb gossip? A little. But a month without it on a daily basis gave me a ton of perspective. I realized that, for me, so much of it is just a huge waste of time.

Celebrity baby gossip seems to be the very peak of pointless gossip. Who cares how much money Beyonce spent on her baby’s nursery? Who cares what Hilary Duff is craving during the first trimester? And — above all else — are we seriously giving Jessica Simpson crap because she gained a little extra pregnancy weight? So much of the celebrity pregnancy gossip revolves around materialistic issues, promotes negative body image, and encourages unhealthy behaviors.

And don’t even get me started on the obsession with celebrities’ post-baby bodies. The slew of articles focused on,”Look who dropped 30 pounds of baby weight in 2 weeks!” makes normal women — women like you and me — feel incredibly pressured to “perform” and match these ridiculous standards. Look, anyone can get back into shape in a heartbeat if you’ve got a nanny, personal chef, and trainer, and you don’t need to worry about paying your mortgage. The rest of us — even those who really enjoy being active — might need a bit more time.

I’d rather read pregnancy blogs written by real women. Real, relatable women. Women who are going through the same things that I’m experiencing. Women who write honestly about their ups and downs without putting a public relations spin on it. Women who blog about making their own baby food or choosing to use disposable diapers or which affordable stroller is worth the biggest bang for your buck. Women who share information that I can actually use in my life. Women who inspire me to be a better mom, not a skinnier or richer one.

I’m sick of talking about celebrity pregnancies. Fed up! Over it!

Or maybe I’m just hormonal.

Read more from Caitlin on Healthy Tipping Point and Operation Beautiful.  Follow all her Babble posts here!

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Article Posted 4 years Ago
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