I'm Taking the Plunge, No Horror Stories Please


I’m taking the plunge and have decided to make it official:  I’m going the au naturel birthing center route when it’s time to have this baby in January.  My husband and I were both unhappy with our HMO and have decided that delivering at a birthing center is the path that is right for us.  I called and scheduled my next two prenatals, so it’s official.

I was telling my friend Echo (who is also a fabulous doula for any of you Portlanders who may be looking for one) that I was a little bit nervous about it and she was very reassuring, but did tell me that I would probably need to tell people that their horror stories are not welcome and I think that was very wise advice.

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I’ve realized since getting pregnant that everyone has an opinion.  People want to tell you what kind of diapers to use, educate you about their views on vaccines, talk about the virtues of breast vs. formula and they even want to tell you which way of birthing is best.

Well, to that I say…what is right for one woman may not be right for another.  For me, I really do feel that a natural birth at a birthing center is the best choice I can make for me.  Does that make me any better?  No.  Does it make me any worse?  No.  Do I judge the mom who delivered her baby with the help of an epidural or via c-section in a hospital?  Absolutely not.  This is the beauty of choice.  Regardless of how we as women decide to deliver our little ones, we should encourage and support each other to do what we feel is best for ourselves as individuals.

So, no horror stories please and thank you.


{photo via: Mahalie Stackpole Flickr Creative Commons}