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In 15 More Weeks, That's When.

By emily |

I’m getting into that stage in this pregnancy where well meaning strangers are starting to ask when I’m due, assuming I will answer with something like “oh, only two more weeks”, or “any day now”.

But that couldn’t be farther from the truth.

They give me that perplexed look when I say: “in 2012″ or “oh, it’s a long time from now” or “I’m not due for another 3-1/2 month”.

This past week, after politely answering to a stranger that I had such a long road still ahead of me, she said the classic response “are you sure you’re not having twins?”, as she chuckles as if she made the funniest joke ever.

I HATE being asked if I’m having twin. No, I’m not having twins, I’m sure of it. And really, so what if I was? It happens, you know.

Being this is my fourth pregnancy in seven years, my uterus is tired. It’s waving it’s white flag in surrender. My ab muscles have long left my body and there’s basically nothing holding this baby in.

Yes, I’m showing rather large for this stage in my pregnancy. My younger sister is expecting for the first time, roughly six weeks ahead of me, and yeah, of course my belly looks bigger than her. But it’s her first baby, and she’s quite a bit taller (and younger) than I am.

At the end of the day, I try to let it all rolls off my back, or should I say belly. I’m immune to the questions, the perplexed looks, and the rude (but not intended to be) comments strangers give.

I’m almost 33 years old, pregnant for the fourth time, with 15 weeks left. Of course my body isn’t going to look like it did when I was 25, pregnant for the for the first time.

Have you ever gotten a rude comment from a stranger when you tell them how many weeks you still have to go? How did you deal?

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Emily Elling is a corporate interior designer and freelance writer. She lives in Indianapolis with her husband and four unintentionally hilarious children. Emily also blogs at her personal blog, DesignHER Momma. Read bio and latest posts → Read emily's latest posts →

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0 thoughts on “In 15 More Weeks, That's When.

  1. Sarah Partain says:

    I think those people have no idea what they’re talking about. You seem normal to me! And why is it so acceptable for people to comment on one’s pregnant belly, child or pet? I think you should comment on their outfit if you get a rude remark from someone!

  2. snakecharmer says:

    oh yeah. I’m 34 and pregnant for the second time and I know I totally popped out early. I really don’t need the looks of incredulity when I tell them I’m not even half way there yet. I’m perfectly aware that I had to start wearing maternity pants much earlier this time around than the first. Thankyouverymuch. At least my mil isn’t constantly asking me whether I’m sure that I’m not carrying twins the way she did the first time around. I had a perfectly normal pregnancy and gained an average amount of weight but everytime I saw her, she’d ask me “Are you sure you’re not having twins?!?!?’ followed by loud guffaws. My husband was always impressed that I didn’t say the same right back to her. ;-)

  3. Jennifer says:

    I know you’re not begging for compliments but I’m 33, pregnant for the first time and all of one week ahead of you and I think you look great. If you think you’re showing large for this stage in your pregnancy then I am too.

  4. arianne says:

    ::slow standing clap…::

  5. Kitten says:

    If it makes you feel better, being undersized is not that much fun either. First of all, everything is stuffed in there and eating is just the biggest hassle ever. Second, when you tell people, they ask you if you’re eating enough or they tell you that you’re hurting the baby by not eating. Or they call you a liar about your delivery date. That’s fun too.

  6. wendi grasman says:

    ha ha! i got the “are you having twins?” nope just one “well it looks like it”
    thanks! my sister in law got those comments too but she was really pregnant with twins so yeah, that’s not the same….

  7. Tammy M. says:

    I’m 37, pregnant for the 3rd time (2nd in a year) and I am only 14-15 weeks along right now. I have 25 weeks to go and I have people asking me the same things as you….I just tell them it’s a big baby. Of course, at 15 weeks, my little break dancer is only 4 inches long (approximately). My uterus is tired and stretched out after having just giving birth 8 months ago.

  8. punkinmama says:

    I think when someone asks if you’re sure you’re not having twins, you should respond with, “No, it’s triplets.” or just respond with, “And when are YOU due?”. That should shut them up…

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