In Utero Freak Out

I had dinner with one of my best friends last night, who is 5 weeks away from giving birth to her first child.

She is so stinkin adorable and round and full of baby right now. So yes, I mauled her belly last night and felt her little one have a dance party in response to the mondo-sized burrito she ate.

It was awesome.

Before my friend consumed her burrito of delight, she shared a story that got me thinking about today’s post.

My friend’s belly button has not turned from an innie to an outie… yet. I don’t think it will, but what do I know? When I was pregnant with Jackson, mine never did, it just flattened out. I was kind of disappointed.

Anyway, as my friend and I chomped on tortilla chips, she told me the following story… and I want to get your take on it…

B and I were watching tv a few nights ago and the baby was moving around A LOT. I lifted my t-shirt just enough to see the action going on in my belly.

An elbow here… The pop of a foot there… A few jabs to the ribcage… It was nothing out of the ordinary.

B sat on the coffee table in front of me and to watch our little spawn move around. I focused on Netflix.

He touched my belly, said ‘hi’ to the baby and then sat back and asked me if it hurt when the baby moves around as much as it was moving at that time. I said, ‘not really’ and almost on cue, the baby punched me.





My eyes widened and I started to laugh at the irony of what had just happened. But B… My manly husband, lept off the coffee table and SQUEALED LIKE A PIG.

He was so entirely freaked out. I have never seen him react like that to anything before.

Then I laughed so hard at B that I wet my pants.

Our baby rocks.

Seriously, you guys. Seriously! I had tears streaming down my face when she told me this story. I couldn’t even catch my breath, I was laughing too stinkin hard.

This morning, I shared my friend’s story with my husband and asked him if he remembered freaking out about something like this. He couldn’t. He remembers watching in utero Jackson knock the remote control off my belly, and being amazed. But he doesn’t remember witnessing anything that made him react in the same way my friend’s husband did.

How about you? Did your partner freak out when your baby had a dance party in utero? Was there anything your womb-mate did that caused you or your spouse to think “AAAAAHHHHH!!!! ALIEN!!!!!” Do you think I should give my friend’s husband, B, a hard time when I see him next? (Say YES!)


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