Infertility Means: Blood Tests and Waiting


Infertility Means: Blood Tests and WaitingThis morning I had my blood drawn, same as I do every cycle day 21. The doctors check my progesterone level since I haven’t been ovulating. I’m now on Clomid.

The progesterone level, if its high enough, will confirm if I ovulated during this cycle on the current dose of fertility medication that I’m taking.

If I am being honest, I don’t have high hopes for this cycle. It’s not that I’ve lost my positivity, which is hard enough with infertility, but this month seemed to just work against us.

It started off with me losing my 16-year confidant — my cat Puff. Puff’s passing was followed by three kids with influenza, which meant high fevers and rotating kids in our bed. Then, if that wasn’t enough, the stomach virus hit the house too.

All this was happening around the time that I was ovulating. (Still to be confirmed with the blood test, although thanks to the basal body charting, I’m pretty sure I did.) And well, as you can imagine, it didn’t really set the mood to get the deed done. Ya know?

We’re not totally out — just not as high chances as I usually prefer for the month. Now I am in that waiting period of the cycle where I wonder if each ping, a bout of random nausea, sore breasts, or grumpiness is my period on the way, or residual side effects from the Clomid, or if I am pregnant.

I have a crazy long luteal phase right now it seems, so my two-week-wait is closer to a three-week-wait. I’ve got about 2 weeks left to see if this month was the one that finally worked for us.

:: How are all you doing this cycle? ::

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