Insomnia While Pregnant


insomnia while pregnantThe anemia has me dragging, feeling like I just need to sleep – but now not only do I constantly feel like down and out.. but I can’t go to bed! I’ve started the iron pills, still no energy.

It’s 3:38 am. I have work in 4.5 hours. And I am dragging from the week at SXSW.

Pregnant insomnia has attacked!

It’s said that 8 out of 10 pregnant women experience insomnia or other sleep problems at some point in their pregnancy. With the emotional roller coaster your on, the changes to your body, the cramps, the uncomfortableness – insomnia creeps it’s way in to make your pregnancy journey even more memorable.

I meet with Dr. P next week. Looking forward to hearing what she suggests. The last 3 pregnancies i’ve just endured it, miserably. There has to be a secret “off” switch to help me sleep!

Back to bed. Attempting to get some z’s…. again…. wish me luck!

Image by Toonlet