Intimacy After Pregnancy: Questions, Answers, a Story, and Some Tips

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I just read a ridiculously funny piece that covers all of those questions that we have about having sex after having a baby.

Though part of me was giggling, another part was having flashbacks. I was so apprehensive about that first time that I put it off for as long as possible.

During the six weeks after I had my daughter, a friend told me a story about her friend who had managed to avoid having sex for nearly six months after the birth of her child.

She would have made it to the six-month point if her friend’s husband hadn’t ruined it for her.

Apparently, she had told her husband that she was to wait six months, not the six weeks recommended by most OB/GYNs.

This is how I’m told the conversation went:

Husband #1: Wow…I’ve never had six months feel like such a lifetime.
Husband #2: What? Six months?
Husband #1: Yes, you know, the length of time you need to wait before you can have sex after having a baby.
Husband #2: Um…what?

And with that, his wife’s grace period was over.

In those weeks after I had my daughter, nothing scared me more than the idea of having sex. Ever. Again.

My husband was remarkably patient, but I can’t imagine that he’d have waited six months.

After our first child, I worried it would hurt.
After our second child, I knew it would hurt.

But, it did get better with time and I wish I hadn’t put it off for so long after our daughter.

Are you nervous too?

Read Babble’s Sex After Pregnancy for some great tips for success.

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