Okay, I’m bad at titles.  You might as well know that right now.  I can write (I hope you agree), but titles are just not my thing.

My name is Kate, and I’m the newest pregnancy blogger here at Babble.  I’m currently (almost) 18 weeks pregnant with my third child.  My older two children — Daniel, 19.5 months, and Bekah, 3 — are currently climbing all over the couch nearby.  And yelling “MOMMY, what are you doing?!”  They’re curious, and they like to climb.  A lot.  Which, by the way, really hurts when they climb up and put their weight on my ever-growing tummy.  I’ve managed to train Bekah not to do this (she is very concerned about the baby), but Daniel, I fear, is a lost cause.

By the way, although you’ve just “met” me, if you feel that you have in some way “missed out” because I am just now blogging at 18 weeks along, you can actually read my pregnancy journal I’ve been keeping over at my blog, Modern Alternative Mama.  I started that around 8 weeks, I think (pregnancy brain — who can remember).  And if you’re interested, I’ve also been working on a “Healthy Pregnancy Series” over there since last July.  And I’m not done yet.  Not even close.

Yes, I like to write.

So, more about me….  I’m passionate about many things.  I love real food (traditional food), natural health, attachment parenting, and all things “green.”  I love to help people learn, and I believe strongly in having correct and plentiful information at your finger tips.  For example, it actually bothers me when someone misspells or mispronounces someone’s name, because I feel like they should check to make sure they’re correct!  Is that really dumb??

Anyway, how that plays into blogging is that I love to teach people.  I was a music teacher in a former life, actually.  I like to bring information, resources, and a unique perspective to things.  My favorite is to take on controversial topics in a balanced and fair way.  (Earlier this week I wrote “Do Vaccines Cause Autism?” on my blog, which was actually not nearly as controversial as I’d thought…perhaps because I didn’t really draw any conclusions.)  I believe strongly that parents should be well-informed and should choose what is right for their families very carefully…even if what they choose isn’t what I would choose.

So, that’s who I am!  And in the upcoming days and weeks you’ll see lots more from me: a mix of personal anecdotes and experiences, as well as informative, researched posts.  I hope you enjoy it!

What are you passionate about?

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