Introducing Moi! Hello Babble.


Lately, it’s like I’ve been living in the spotlight, the public eye, under a microscope and all of the above. Okay, I know I am defintely not a Kardashian, but my life is always front and center. Hello world! I was offered the amazing (beyond thrilled!) position to contribute for Babble about my current pregancy (so excited to share!), only to quickly turn around in a 24 hour period and tell my entire family and close friends because I didn’t want them to see the news on Facebook. Yep, true story. For proof, I have even attached a little peek at an email I received from a dear friend. This pretty much sums up my everyday life! You just never know what’s to come, but I am thrilled to share it all with you! Before we get started on this journey, I wanted to give you a little glimpse into my life.

As Founder & Editor of cupcakeMAG, ringleader of 4 girls under 9 and my darling hubs and our dog Stella (yes, a female too–we rule the house!), I don’t have much free time. When I’m not writing and interviewing celebs, you can find me reading the “weeklies”, working on my book, wishing I had a nanny and chasing after my Littles! Oh, and writing for The Party Dress Magazine and now, Babble! Just last month, I was interviewed by the lovely Tori Spelling as she named me Mompreneur of the Month on her site, ediTORIal. I think you can clearly see my passion and major crush I have on writing.

Now, as I prepare for number 5, I am hoping to keep baby cupcake baking 40 weeks for once, manage to not get on bed rest,  remind myself to breathe while being super-mom, all while trying to stay sane. But most of all, I just can’t wait to share it all with you. Get ready cupcakes, I am sure it’s going to be one oh-so-sweet ride.

Disclaimer: This pregnancy was beyond a shock, and a bit of a battle in our house. Mr. Darling wanted to try one last time for that boy and well, I was ready to wait at least 2 years. With a new house being built, booming biz, and a to-do list ten miles long, it just wasn’t on my agenda. But apparently life had other plans.

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