Introductions Are Not My Strong Point


Danielle Elwood, New York City, Introduction, PregnancyI always struggle to write about myself when it comes to introductions. I always feel like I am going to come off as someone I am not, or stuck up. So, with that being said, I will jump in I guess!

My name is Danielle Elwood, and I am a blogger from Connecticut. We live on the shoreline, which I don’t think I will ever be able to leave. I love the water and everything about going to the beach! I guess you could say it is in my blood since my father was in the Navy and works as a Captain of an oyster boat.

I met my husband in 1999 in high school, shortly after he graduated in 2001, he left for the United States Marine Corp. and I didn’t lay eyes on him again until January of 2007. It was instant romance, and by April we were expecting our first son. Camden was born in December after a rough labor induction, which turned into a medically unnecessary c-section. I would never know it was not necessary until almost 16 months later when I got a hold of my hospital records and there it was “patient choice cesarean” — I was floored, but that is a whole other story!

By the time Camden was 9 months old, Benjamin was on his way. We planned our sons close in age, as my husband and his late brother Christopher, were 15 months apart and the best of friends.

When people say each pregnancy is different, boy are they right! With Camden I was in and out of pre term labor, in the hospital for kidney stones, and dehydration. And with Ben, you would have never known I was pregnant. Never threw up, never made an emergency trip to my midwives, nothing! What a breeze!

After a medically necessary cesarean, we decided we were done, at least for the time being, or the next 5 years at the minimum. Yeah Ok! Haha! Fast forward to now, August of 2010. We learned recently, in fact on August 29th that we are are pregnant! Expecting our third child sometime in May of 2011. Another May baby — my luck, Benjamin and Elwood #3 will have the same birthday too!

From the time Benjamin was born, until present, my life became increasingly busy. I took my training to become a Lamaze Childbirth Teacher, I started writing a book, working full-time from home in social media, and apparently I am now a full-time incubator too! Oh how life changes so quickly!