Iodine Deficiency in Pregnancy Associated with Lower IQ in Kids


saltIodine isn’t one of those nutrients you hear a lot about your prenatal checkups. My doc and pregnant friends talk way more about getting enough folic acid, calcium, and vitamin D in pregnancy. But a new study I read about at CBS News found that kids of mothers with iodine deficiency in early pregnancy scored an average of 6 points lower on verbal and reading IQ tests at age 8.

The study, published in The Lancet, included over 1,000 women in England. Surprisingly, two-thirds of the mothers examined demonstrated a mild to moderate iodine deficiency at the start of the study.

I find it pretty amazing that iodine, which helps thyroid function, can have an effect on cognitive abilities. Where can you find iodine in your diet? It’s mainly found in table salt (not sea salt) and you can also get it by eating seafood, kelp, and dairy products.

Sources: CBS News and The Lancet

Photo credit: iStock

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