iPad2 Announcement: Pregnant Women Still Can't iPad


ipad2The iPad2 was announced today and boy are people excited about it. Apparently, the new iPad makes the old iPad look like a big clunky piece of crap,  just like every new version of a product that formerly looked perfectly fine makes it look like a clunky old piece of crap. Ah, planned obsolescence. iPad2 is super sleek, super light, and super fancy. Where iPad 1 was curved, sort of like a very flat boat on the bottom, this one is totally horizontal,  more like you ripped off the top half of your laptop.

So, will this design change render the iPad functional for the pregnant person? Because the original iPad performed dismally in our pregnant lady user testing…

Here are the photos from our V1 scientific study:

ipad1 300x225 Pregnant Women Can't iPad

SurBelly Method

ipad2 300x225 Pregnant Women Can't iPad

SubBelly Method

As you can see from our study results, the user found both positions unsatisfactory.

Looking at the comparative design specs, I can’t see how this version is going to be much of an improvement for the bulbous of middle. And if it doesn’t work for pregnant women, how will it work for the rest of the country…the ones who only look pregnant?