Is Christina Aguilera Pregnant? [Video]

Is Christina Aguilera pregnant?

Christina Aguilera’s Grammy performance has many wondering if the singer is pregnant. And I must say, I did notice that ol’ Christina didn’t look like her normal svelte self. If she is with child, it sure didn’t seem to effect her performance at all. She graced the stage along with Jennifer Hudson, Yolanda Adams, Martina McBride and Florence Welch to honor the great Aretha Franklin, and I thought they were all brilliant — Christina included.

That said, an extra dose of hormones could explain one thing about Christina’s effort.

That little spill she took at the very end of the number. Did you happen to catch that? I did. And so did a bunch of other folks. The gaffe is already up on YouTube. Who knows? The adrenaline rush from honoring a legend at the Grammys coupled with some raging hormones could probably make a girl a touch dizzy I suppose. Maybe she is pregnant, and maybe that would explain her little stumble.

But I’m not sure I’m buying it. Christina’s a tiny little thing — the kind of girl who has nowhere to hide an extra pound or two. And that’s what I suspect the real deal is. Namely that Christina, as we’re all prone to do, has thrown on a couple of extra pounds this winter and there was nowhere for those pounds to hide in the form-fitting dress she rocked on stage.

Regardless, the question is out there, so I thought I’d pose it here. Do you think Christina’s pregnant? Though I’d never pretend to know for sure, I am certain of this. She recovered nicely from her fall. Check it out:

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Is Christina Aguilera Pregnant? (Video)

christina aguilera pregnant
Is Christina Aguilera Pregnant?

Is Christina Aguilera pregnant? After her performance last night at the American Music Awards 2010, people are speculating that Christina Aguilera might be pregnant. If you missed the AMA’s last night, you can check out the video clip below from the AMA awards performances 2010 and judge for yourself whether or not Christina Aguilera is pregnant.


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